Pleasanton City Council Approves Lund Ranch Development on January 5, 2016!



The Lund Ranch II Property is located on 195 acres in Southeast Pleasanton, all within the Pleasanton City Limits and both the City of Pleasanton and Alameda County Urban Growth Boundaries. It has been included in Pleasanton’s residential development plans since 1986. Greenbriar submitted a plan for 50 homes.


The City Council Approval included:

  • 43 homes on 195 acres
  • 89.5% of property will remain permanent open space…174 acres!
  • 2 miles of publically accessible trails
  • Over $1.2 million for schools
  • Nearly $1 million in community benefits
  • Over $500,000 for traffic improvements (even though the EIR noted no significant traffic impacts)
  • Two roads to access project…11 homes accessed through Lund Ranch Road and 31 homes accessed through Sunset Creek Lane


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