About Greenbriar


Our philosophy at Greenbriar is very simple. We build our homes and communities as if they were intended for our own families. They are homes and communities that we are always proud to visit. Greenbriar and our partners have built almost 40 prime communities in the San Francisco Bay Area under the direction of a management team with over three decades of residential building experience.

For each new neighborhood, Greenbriar brings together a top-flight team of highly qualified architectural, engineering, and environmental professionals, long-standing craftsmen and trade partners, and experienced, dedicated land use and construction team members. These valuable people know and understand community development principles, design criteria, construction standards, green building innovations and top-grade building materials that are essential to fulfilling Greenbriar’s unyielding dedication to excellence.

The Greenbriar team focuses on each home’s design and construction and the way all of the homes come together to form a community. The design group also plans the streets and community landscaping with exquisite care, so as to enhance the attractiveness of the overall neighborhood and the quality and distinction of every home within the community.

Over the past decade, Greenbriar has helped create six neighborhoods in Pleasanton including:

  • Chateau and Bordeaux (Vineyard Corridor)
  • Pheasant Ridge and Carlton Oaks (Bernal Area)
  • Bridle Creek and Bridle Creek Estates (North Sycamore)

Greenbriar has given the City of Pleasanton over 300 acres of land which has been used for open space, parks, and recreational and community facilities. The members of the Greenbriar family have been involved with and donated to various organizations including the Pleasanton PTA Council’s Reflections Program, the Tri-Valley Community Foundation, and Pleasanton Partnerships in Education Foundation.