woodstepsThe Lund Ranch property is located in southeast Pleasanton. Originally part of the Spotorno Ranch, Lund Ranch was created in 1941when it was purchased by the Lund Family. While it has been used for the raising and grazing of cattle, the Lund Ranch property has been included in Pleasanton’s residential development plans since 1986.

As part of Pleasanton’s General Plan, Shea Homes created the Ventana Hills community and Mission Hills Park on the western portion of the Lund Ranch property (1989-1990). The remaining 195 acres then became identified as Lund Ranch II.

In 1996, the voters of the City of Pleasanton adopted an Urban Growth Boundary.

In 1998, the Lund Ranch II site was purchased by the current owners and was leased back to Vic Lund who has continued to use it for cattle grazing.

In 2000, the voters adopted an Alameda County Urban Growth Boundary through County Measure A.

In 2002, an initial Planned Unit Development (PUD) application was submitted to the City of Pleasanton including 113 single family homes. At the time the City Council wanted to encourage affordable housing on the site and a revised plan to meet that goal was submitted that included 150 homes on 80 acres.

During the initial planning process in 2004 on that application, public hearings were held during which comments were received from the community. Following the public hearing, the Planning Commission directed the City’s consultant to prepare the draft Environmental Impact Review (EIR) based on the 150 home plan.

Since then, Greenbriar has been working with the City of Pleasanton and its consultants to develop alternative site plans that address preliminary mitigation measures and comments received from City staff, neighbors and the community.

In 2008, the voters of the City of Pleasanton approved Measures PP and QQ calling for ridgeline protection.

Beginning in 2009, as part of its efforts to develop a new site plan for the Lund Ranch property, Greenbriar held two community meetings and two open houses to hear from its neighbors on how to create a better community.

In 2011, Greenbriar submitted a development application to the City for the Lund Ranch II property.