The Public Process

houseWhile the development process for each project can be slightly different there are a number of standard steps involved in the public process. The following is a list of some of those standard steps and opportunities for public comment and participation in the development process.

  • Community Meetings/Workshops
    Provides an opportunity for homebuilders, community members, and neighbors to meet and discuss potential development options/plans, community concerns, goals, desires for the development and use of a property.
  • Formal Application to City
    Upon completion of the preliminary application process a homebuilder will file a formal application to the City for the review and approval of a tentative subdivision map. Various fees are paid to the City at this time and the application process commences the Environmental Impact Review (EIR) process that allows the general public and local, regional and statewide agencies to comment on the proposed development and request alterations to the proposed development or implementation of mitigation measures to offset impacts from the proposed development.
  • Planning Commission Public Hearing
    After the EIR has been completed the EIR report and the tentative subdivision map are submitted to the City Planning Commission for their review and approval. The Planning Commission advises the City Council on land use matters including zoning issues, use permits, variances and site and architectural plans. The Commission reviews and makes recommendations regarding development plans submitted by the City’s Planning Department. The Planning Commission will decide whether to approve the project. The Planning Commissions decision is reviewed by the City Council. The process is open to the public through regular public hearings.